Where I’ve Been Lately

This time a year ago, the outdoors were lost to us. I was a good 15lbs heavier, drinking Nutella, and had shoulder surgery on my dominant arm looming. The streets were filled with piles of shitty snow/ice making every step or ride an adventure. Everything was uglier than it needed to be. It sucked and it sucked hard.

Fast forward to now and the winter I have declared ‘THE BEST WINTER EVER’.  In the New York City area there have only been two notable (and minor) snow storms that melted completely within 48hrs. I can’t stress how awesome that is!  No snow, no ice?  Holy crap, that’s great for everyone.

More importantly I’ve really rediscovered my love for riding mountain bikes. The trails have been clear almost without exception and in great shape.  My weirdo friend Luke left his old white Santa Cruz Chameleon in my care when he moved out out of town and I’ve used it to  introduce people to riding dirt trails.  I think I’ve taken at least six people out now?

Best winter ever.

Mianus, CT (pronounced Myyanus)

Graham Hills/Pleasentville,NY

Jamaica Qns, NY

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