The Road to SICX,

The Road to SICX

Watch and enjoy the final cut of ‘The Road to SICX’. Thanks to all that helped and especially to Sara Kinney for graciously lending her editing and shooting talents to the project.

Almost Finally Done; The Road to SICX

Last November I raced the singlespeed class at the annual Staten Island Cyclocross race (SICX). I prepped the Townie for CX duties. Knobbies, clipless, lower gearing, etc… Good fun.

I knew that I would never podium at SICX as my conditioning was poor, I lacked race experience and was only going to beat […]

Bike Shorts!

This Friday! BE THERE

Inside Yeti Cycles

Suck a sick and legendary marquee.

The Bike Jumble Approaches!

May 19th from 10am to 4pm in Park Slope. Arrive early for the deals, stay late for the deals. See you there!

Guy Martin Visits Orange Bikes’ HQ

Orange Bikes has put up a video of a factory visit hosted by Guy Martin. If you’re not familiar, Orange is a long running UK manufacturer of bicycles with some of their production taking place in-house in Halifax, England.

Guy Martin is the bonus here. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s something of a […]

Just Brett from NYC Velo…

Wearing our ‘Don’t Buy Upgrades, Ride Up Grades‘ shirt and posing with his sick new Rosko CX. Click the photo to go to the NYC Velo blog post.

Where I’ve Been Lately

This time a year ago, the outdoors were lost to us. I was a good 15lbs heavier, drinking Nutella, and had shoulder surgery on my dominant arm looming. The streets were filled with piles of shitty snow/ice making every step or ride an adventure. Everything was uglier than it needed to be. It sucked and […]

Required Listening: Fishbone

Required Listening: Fishbone; Fishbone EP

I took some time to myself and hit the trails with just my single-speed mountain bike and an iPod. At some point Fishbone’s eponymous EP came on and life got a ton better. I can’t say I’ve listened to their whole catalog but the EP is classic upon classic and […]

The Squad-Dark Shirt

‘Squad’ art on a black t-shirt. Shoot last month in between rain showers.


MSRP is $28.00 USD

Shot by Nate Mumford Modeled by Nate Gogol