What is
ELVS stands for Enhance Light Visibilty System. Its is a line of semi-technical reflective apparel.

What does 'Semi-Technical' mean?
Semi-technical or ‘semi-tech’ clothing is non-technical or conventional clothing that is augmented with technical attributes. In the case of ELVS, we are augmenting conventional cotton shirts with a technical, retro-reflective ink.

What is 'Retro-Reflective' Ink?
Here’s a definition of what a retro-reflector is from Wikipedia; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retroreflector.

Anyhow, there is a chance that you didn’t understand what their definition meant or that some one has corrupted it, we've distilled it into layman’s terms.

A retro-reflector uses tiny glass balls coated in aluminum to make microscopic mirrors. The little balls are suspended in ink, tape or a clear plastic and adhered to something. A retro-reflector will look a little sparkly in normal light, but once it gets focused light shined on it (hold a flashlight under your chin pointing towards the target) the image reflects at surprising intensity.

Are you guys the first ones to ever use this materials?
No, people have been using it for years. You can find it in sneakers, back-packs and many safety vest models.

Can we see a sample?
Certainly, any of the ELVS products will have sample shots on this website.


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